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Soldier in Uniform

Accessible and Specialized Psychiatric Care in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Tailored Psychiatric Care for Tricare Prime, Select, and Reserve Members - Active Duty, Retired, and Military Dependents

Our clinic, led by Dr. Jerzy Grzebieluch, specializes in providing psychiatric care to Tricare Prime, Select, and Reserve members, both active duty and retired. Recognizing the unique challenges and stresses faced by military personnel and their families, we offer tailored treatments to meet their specific needs.


Primary Care Manager Referral is Not Required

To facilitate easier access to our psychiatric services, Tricare members are not required to have a referral from a Primary Care Manager (PCM). This policy is designed to ensure that military families and veterans can receive timely and efficient mental health care. Please verify with our office for the most up-to-date information and to discuss any specific insurance-related queries.

Comfort and Privacy

Situated in a convenient location in downtown Fort Walton Beach, near Beal Parkway and Highway 98, our clinic is designed to be a welcoming and supportive environment. We prioritize the comfort and privacy of our patients, ensuring a respectful and understanding setting for their care.

We provide comprehensive psychiatric solutions, ranging from managing conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders, to addressing more complex mental health issues.

Youth Counseling

Our Commitment

At Dr. Jerzy Grzebieluch’s psychiatric clinic in Fort Walton Beach, we are committed to providing accessible, high-quality psychiatric care to our community, with a particular emphasis on serving the needs of military families and veterans.


Our policies, including the acceptance of Tricare without PCM referrals, reflect our dedication to making essential mental health services readily available.

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